OGDEN (also Lynnwood and Millican Estates)

The historic community of Ogden was originally established in 1912 and encompasses the smaller districts of Lynnwood and Millican Estates in southeast Calgary. Bounded to the north and east by the Canadian Pacific Railway headquarters (where the Ogden Shops once operated to service trains), the community developed to meet the needs of local industrial workers. Today, Ogden is a quiet residential community that maintains a distinctly industrial, small-town-in-the-prairies feel. Only a fifteen minute drive away from downtown, Ogden also enjoys easy access to some of Calgary’s best parks and pathways.

Ogden is defined by (mostly) 1970s-style bungalows and duplexes, big trees and quiet roadways. Some homes remain from earlier decades, and a few date back to the World War I era. The historic Ogden Hotel, once a local watering hole and lodge for railway workers, has been preserved and converted into transitional housing. Several corner stores and a local comic book shop add to the community’s nostalgic flavour.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the population living in Ogden is slightly older than the citywide average. Compared to neighbouring Riverbend, there are significantly more multi-family residences (primarily townhomes and duplexes) as well as a higher percentage of renters. Property values are among the lowest in Calgary. The Millican-Ogden Community Association is active in the area.

Notably, a number independently-owned restaurants and pubs are scattered throughout the neighbourhood, tucked away on quiet streets. Thirty-year-old Ogden Pizza & Pub and mid-century-styled Smokehouse Diner (where scenes from the TV series Fargo were filmed) exemplify the neighbourhood’s love for all things classic, but there are a variety of cuisine options including Saigon Gourmet Restaurant (Vietnamese), Tandoori Palace (Indian) and Adobo Experience (Filipino).

Although not as convenient as neighbouring Riverbend in terms of access to parks, Ogden is located very near Carburn Park and Sue Higgins Park. Carburn is an on-leash area that is rich in wildlife and perfect for birdwatching, hiking and canoeing. Sue Higgins is a popular off-leash park with areas for dogs to swim and fenced-in paddocks designed to allow socializing among various breeds, sizes and temperaments.

Ogden is not considered especially “walkable” or convenient in terms of access to public transit. The city has announced its plan to construct a new phase of the LRT system (the “Green Line“) which will run along northeast perimeter of Ogden, linking the community to the far south and downtown areas of Calgary. However, the Green Line is not expected to be completed until 2026. Nonetheless, Ogden is quite accessible by vehicle, with Glenmore Trail bordering the south end and linking the community to nearby Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail. Using these major routes, residents can reach most areas of Calgary from Ogden in less than thirty minutes.

The Takeaway: Buyers seeking affordable housing in a community located outside of, but not too far from, the bustle of the city’s downtown areas should consider this established neighbourhood that is full of character. Buyers will enjoy an easy commute to downtown, while living in a homey community where neighbours mingle and catch up at the local pub or corner store.

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  • Local bus routes (24, 36, 72, 73, 117, 151, 302, 734 and 770)
  • There are no C-Train stations within walking distance of Ogden
  • Easy access to major routes Glenmore Trail, Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail

Groceries & Shopping

  • Safeway and Sobeys
  • Five to ten minute drive to Deerfoot Meadows shopping centre (IKEA, Superstore, Walmart and more)
  • Ten minute drive to South Trail Crossing (Marshall’s, Winners, Canadian Tire and more)
  • Fifteen minute drive to Southcentre Mall

Dining & Nightlife

Health & Wellness

CBE Designated Schools

  • Grades K-3: Banting and Best School
  • Grades 4-9: Sherwood School
  • Grades 10-12: Central Memorial High School, Western Canadian High School


  • A number of independently-owned restaurants and pubs in the neighbourhood
  • Carburn Park: A lush park located in the Bow River Valley popular for hiking, birdwatching, fishing and canoeing.
  • Sue Higgins Park: Large off-leash dog park with designated swimming areas and fenced-in paddocks for different breeds, sizes and temperaments.